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Each month, the Wiki will have a vote in order to find out what Image of the Month will be. To vote, simply edit down below and sign your Sig under the image which you are supporting.

Each month, the images what can be voted to be Image of the Month will be changed so it's nice and fair.


  • You cannot vote twice.
  • Images should be different for each month.
  • Images should relate to the month, (events, parties etc.)
  • Images must be linked into Moshi Monsters as this is a children's site.
  • Only Administrators can add Images. If you want to request one for the Vote, then please contact an Admin.
  • Only 3 Images per month.
  • Users who are banned or block cannot participate.
  • You must be an active user for at least a month to vote

Previous Winners

July 4th Custom

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