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Each month the Wiki will have a vote in order to find out who User of the Month will be. To vote, simply edit down below and sign your Signature under the person who you are supporting's name.

Each month, the Users who can be voted to be User of the Month will be changed so it's nice and fair for everyone.


  • If you've won the month before, you cannot be User of the Month. (If you won in July, you'll be able to enter again in September)
  • No voting for yourself.
  • Don't go screaming if you haven't won, just deal with it and try again.
  • Once the User list has been added, no more Users will be added until the next Vote. If you aren't on the list, you must wait for the next Vote.
  • If you were in the previous month's vote, you can't be in the next one (If you've been in the August Vote, you can't be in the September Vote).
  • Only Administrators can add people into the Vote.
  • Only five users per month.
  • Users who are banned or blocked cannot participate.
  • You must be an active User for at least a month to vote.

Previous Winners

 User:Toast With The Most

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