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December 2013: Moshi Monsters Featured Article

Moshi Monsters: The Great Moshling Egg is the first Moshi Monsters movie, releasing in the UK on December 20th 2013.

The Moshi Movie is a big-screen adventure featuring the favourite monsters from the best-selling children’s computer game. In a Moshi world threatened by the evil Dr. Strangelove (Ashley Slater), who has stolen a rare Moshling egg and is getting ready to crush it, our heroes are on a race against time to save the egg from certain destruction and collect the ransom.


Katsuma hears of Roary Scrawl making a movie about Monstro City, he soon tells Poppet who seems to be his next door neighbor. They go to a cafe, where they meet Roary and his camera, Blinki. They meet the other four monsters, who also help with the movie. They explore Monstro City, inducing the Candy Cane Caves, Jollywood and what seems to be Music Island. In Jollywood, they meet Bobbi Singsong and along with the rest of the people of Jollywood, he starts to sing and dance as he says, "A good old Jollywood extravaganza can solve any problem!".

The opening scene of the movie is Buster Bumblechops adventuring to a temple, along with Shelby and Rocky. They cross over a wooden, worn out bridge which falls as soon as they make it to the temple however, only Buster adventures inside. He pulls a switch, opening a door to a very large and dark corridor, he uses a fire-tourch to see. He reaches the end of the corridor, where he sees a strange door with a Diavlo cave painting on. He steps on a tile by mistake, which opens the door. A gust of bats come out, hitting Buster in the face which roam out of the temple scaring the two Moshlings (Shelby and Rocky) near by. Buster goes through the door, startled and falls onto something which happens to be a button. A larger door then opens. inside a gold and glowing Great Moshling Egg. Buster comes out, startling the Moshlings, however, he trips over a weed and falls down a large case of stairs and hitting into Shelby and Rocky, Buster then catches the egg using one hand and lying on the floor dizzy.

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